What is a travel card?2021-11-02T12:36:52+07:00

These cards are produced by the Playingcard Factory in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to promote tourist attractions. to tourists, both foreigners and Thais to collect as souvenirs

Want to apply for a license to sell cards Where do I need to apply for a permit?2021-11-02T12:38:46+07:00

Whoever wishes to sell cards Must submit an application for a license to sell playing cards in the form of Por Sor 08-22 together with documents and evidence at the area excise office or the branch area excise office of the room where the cards are sold.

Application form for selling cards (Form Por Sor. 08-22) Where can I get the form?2021-11-02T12:39:44+07:00

can be downloaded in the internet or request a license to sell playing cards at the local excise office

How much are the license fees for selling cards?2021-11-02T12:41:01+07:00

Type 1 (2) Wholesale playing cards 1,200 baht
Type 2 (5) Retail sale of playing cards. VAT 500 baht
Type 2 (6) Retail sale of playing cards Entrepreneurs who are not registered for VAT 100 baht

Want to buy Thai boxing cards for men and women Where can I order?2021-11-02T12:41:56+07:00

You can contact to order at the Business Development and Marketing Department Tel.02 243 6493 ext. 50

Want to order greeting cards What is the minimum for production?2021-11-02T12:43:01+07:00

Order production greeting cards A minimum order of 1,000 decks is required.


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